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The Event Planning Checklist Used By Top Event Planners

December 15, 2023

The cornerstone of successful event planning lies in one essential tool: a meticulously crafted checklist. With numerous moving parts, keeping track of all the little details can be challenging. From coordinating vendors to selecting a venue, there’s much to consider. Our checklist below will serve as a compass to guide you through the stages of pre-event planning, seamless event execution, and efficient post-event management.


Pre-event planning typically begins at least 12 months in advance for larger events, while smaller ones may require 5-6 months of preparation. Prior to the event, numerous behind the scenes tasks must be addressed. These encompass tasks such as defining event goals and objectives, setting a budget, and selecting a venue. Each of these main tasks involves various subtasks to guarantee the thorough completion of every detail in the pre-event process.

During the Event

Upon arrival at the venue, attention to specifications and processes is vital to ensure the event runs smoothly. These include checking in with all vendors, conducting a final walkthrough of the venue, ensuring the event budget is updated, and more. Vigilance is essential, and it’s important to acknowledge that even meticulously laid plans may encounter unforeseen challenges, so maintain flexibility and adaptability as needed.


Congratulations! Your event was successful! But wait, you’re not done yet. Some items to check off your post-event list include collecting attendee feedback, reviewing your event budget, and collecting data and key metrics. Finally, take time to reflect and recognize your accomplishments! Your team’s hard work and dedication paid off.

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