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The Best Time of Year for Conferences

March 21, 2024

Conferences serve as catalysts for business growth, but their success hinges on strategic timing. The right time of year makes all the difference to the success of any event, and utilizing the best spots on the yearly calendar will put your attendees in a position to say “yes.”

Spring Conferences 

Spring is a good time for brainstorming sessions or team-building meetings to carry attendees through the year. Short, weekday conferences can fit nicely into schedules and the timing of the year can help people feel motivated. 

Summer Conferences

Although summer can pose attendance challenges, you can make your conference enticing with incentives and workarounds. This is a good time to take advantage of the nice weather and incorporate the outdoors as much as possible. Attendees will be drawn to unique sessions that offer a variety of benefits like speaking engagements and more. The summer also allows a suitable time for mid-year idea boosts. Provide new education and training to keep team productivity increasing throughout the rest of the year.

Autumn Conferences

Many industry professionals say fall is the optimum time of year for conferences. Attendees may be refreshed from the summer and motivated for a strong finish to the year. Fall also makes for an ideal time because of yearly budgeting and proper planning given that it’s towards the end of the year. Just make sure dates are chosen before the holiday season begins.

Winter Conferences

The beginning of winter through the holiday season should be avoided for a number of reasons including employees taking vacation time, heavy workloads due to end-of-year reporting, and more. January to March is a better time frame for conferences to lay out the year ahead and plan for the future. Align your conference with attendees’ New Year’s resolutions for maximum impact.

No matter what season you choose, make sure to allocate enough time to budget appropriately and secure the necessary venues. If done well, you will have good attendance at any time of the year.

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