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Pick the Right Partner To Plan Your Destination Event

November 1, 2023
Pick the Right Partner To Plan Your Next Central/South Texas Event

Planning a destination event can be taxing, especially when you lack a dedicated team or access to external resources. Ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your guests in an unfamiliar city can be daunting and require outside assistance. Selecting the ideal partner for your destination event is essential. We’ll share some of our tips for choosing the right planner.

Communication is key.

Close communication is critical when working with an event planner. Consider how fast they respond to various forms of contact methods such as emails, phone calls, and text messages. Communication goes both ways. Sharing important event details, goals, and success metrics with the professionals will allow them to execute the event of your dreams. At Ninth Floor Events, communication is number one for us. We enjoy connecting with clients from all walks of life. Past clients have appreciated the peace of mind we bring them from being in close contact with our team.

Check their Portfolio

Take a peek through their past work to make sure it is a good fit. This serves two purposes – it may inspire ideas for your own event and ensure that they have the expertise you are looking for. At Ninth Floor Events, we create tailored solutions for every experience and have vast experience in planning a variety of events.

What are past clients saying?

Client testimonials speak for themselves. You want to make sure you are partnering with an events planner you can trust. What do past clients say about their experience? Testimonials can give you a sense of what to expect. However, don’t discredit potential prospects without doing proper research. 

Do they have connections with local vendors/experts?

It may seem obvious to partner with an event planner that has connections with local vendors/experts in your destination location. Even though Ninth Floor Events is based in San Antonio, Texas, we cover the Central and South Texas region extensively. We have years of experience planning a wide range of events from seminars, to charitable gala’s to golf tournaments. Our team guides you through budgeting, logistics, and recommendations for guests. When you partner with us, we ensure a memorable and stress-free event.

There are a lot of choices out there for destination event planners. Knowing which qualities to look for can help narrow your choices. Ninth Floor Events elevates your event to an exceptional standard. If you’re interested in learning more about working with us, contact us today and we’ll be in touch soon.

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